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3 Pairs Thin Large Hoop Earrings Set

3 Pairs Thin Large Hoop Earrings Set

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ALEXCRAFT draws its energy from the drive and vitality of its customers. This set of large hoop earrings is the ideal choice for defining personal style and fashion. Each size showcases captivating elegance and modernity. These earrings add a sparkling charm to your look, whether for everyday wear or special occasions, revealing your personality and confidence. With multiple size options, effortlessly create various styles, making yourself a fashion focal point. Choose this set of earrings to radiate unique charm, perfectly showcasing your style and taste.

  • Diameter: 50/60/70 millimeters, Thickness: 2 millimeters.
  • Sterling silver posts.
  • Low allergenicity, nickel-free, lead-free, non-fading, and rust-resistant.


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