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Dainty Silver Open Hoop Earrings

Dainty Silver Open Hoop Earrings

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ALEXCRAFT draws its energy from the drive and vitality of its customers. Allowing you to effortlessly exhibit graceful charm. LANCHARMED's exquisitely designed small circular earrings possess a unique elegance, brimming with a sense of fresh fashion. Emitting a captivating luster, these lightweight earrings employ exquisite electroplating craftsmanship, cleverly presenting a semi-circular shape, creating an astonishingly durable appearance. Meticulously crafted, they allow you to confidently showcase your style. Seize the exquisite design of these earrings to highlight your unique charm!

  • Outer diameter is 12 millimeters, inner diameter is 10 millimeters.
  • Made of 925 sterling silver, nickel-free, low allergenic.
  • Extremely lightweight for comfortable wear.


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